Pinnacle Conference


Pinnacle Membership

Fueled by the success of the Virtual Pinnacle Conference and recognizing that many wanted a way to remain connected with each other while learning and growing, a 12 month membership program was created. As we waited for the world to allow us to have in person conferences again, we created Pinnacle Membership - a place for women in medicine to be themselves, share ideas, learn from one another and create goals and put them into action.

Pinnacle: Women in Medicine 2021 Membership Agenda

A year long immersive experience for like minded ambitious women to share ideas, set goals and put
them into action. Pinnacle membership is a place for camaraderie among women spanning all
specialities and a place for you to develop relationships and career skills to last a lifetime.

Our membership includes 4 themes over the span of 12 months.

Natalie Crawford M.D.
Emily Crittendon M.D.
Hafiza Khan M.D.
Mary Lyons
Manasa Mantravadi M.D.
Joan Oloff M.D.

Lori Atkins M.D.
Maggie Cadet M.D.
Kristina Collins M.D.
Tori Jaeger M.D.
Renee Paro M.D.
Lauren Powell M.D.
Rupa Wong M.D

Laurel Bristow
Aisha Barron Mcknight M.D.
Leslie Kim M.D.
Pamela Mehta M.D.
Jennifer Weiss M.D.

Jamie Coleman M.D.
Danielle Jones M.D.
Rose Marie Leslie M.D.
Shari Marchbein M.D.
Wendy McDonald M.D.