Lori Atkins

Dr. Lori Atkins is an OBGYN in Fort Worth, Texas. She earned her undergraduate degree at Baylor University and her Medical degree from University of Texas Medical Branch in Galveston. She did residency at University of Texas Southwestern in Dallas. Lori entered private practice in 1996 and became board certified in 1998. Since graduating residency has built three successful practices and helped to nurture and promote the career of her partners as they have joined her. Over the last 4 years Lori and her partners have created and nurtured Fenom Women’s Care, PLLC. Lori has served as an educator and is currently an associate professor at the at TCU Burnett school of  medicine She has been a mentor to many during her busy career.Fitness and a healthy lifestyle have always been important to Lori and have been a priority in her life. She began teaching yoga in 2007. She is a 1200 hour certified Baptiste Yoga instructor. She teaches classes weekly to the community online. She also started yoga class for cancer survivors and supporters at Baylor Scott and White Hospital Fort Worth in 2011, the classes are taught weekly as part of the THRIVE program. In 2022, Lori opened Bumble Bee Yoga Community, a 501 c 3 focused on programs for suicide prevention. She is  a mother of 2 a son 25 and a daughter 1. Lori incorporates whole health into her life and her medical practice.