Stephanie Gustin

Dr. Stephanie Gustin is a Reproductive Endocrinology and Infertility specialist, serving as the medical director of her hybrid private/academic practice in Omaha, NE.  A Nebraska native, she left to study medicine at Georgetown and swapped coasts to complete both her residency (OBGYN) and fellowship (REI) at Stanford. Finding her “dream job,” one that afforded balance amidst the juggles of the practice of medicine and the nuances of owning a business, all the while enabling her to be present for her children, partner and herself, Dr. Gustin returned to “The Good Life.”  And life was good, until the Dobbs decision threatened Dr. Gustin’s ability to safely practice fertility care.  A once political novice, Dr. Gustin collaborated with 7 other local OBGYNs to establish a state run political action committee (PAC), which successfully held off a special session and mandated change within the Nebraska Medical Association.  Not only that, realizing the threat to reproductive and fertility care was nationwide, she joined forces with 5 nationally recognized REIs to create Doctors for Fertility, an organization aimed at protecting and securing safe access to reproductive and fertility care to all who seek it.  In just a few months, Dr. Gustin realized the power of her expertise, one that far exceeds any legislator's understanding of reproductive health, and the innate need to protect her current and future patients.  As such, until said care is codified and protected, she sees no other option than to fight for the right for all persons to safely seek parenthood when, and if, they are willing and able.