about us

Pinnacle Mission

Pinnacle is the first multi-specialty conference specifically dedicated to giving professional women in medical settings the tools needed to reach the pinnacle of their leadership, negotiation, and life-balancing skills. We want to empower women in medicine through community and actionable strategies for both the practice and business of medicine.

about us

Pinnacle Conference was created from a joint passion to lead women into a more efficient and practical place for their medical business. The four of us met via social media and quickly aligned with our missions and goals. What was a small idea was quickly put into action to become reality. Our very first conference in 2019 showed an impressive attendance of 150 women and was a truly life-changing event for everyone who participated. We’ve continued to follow our mission and make Pinnacle Conference bigger and better every year, we truly believe this is the most valuable and enjoyable event for women in medicine.

a message from the pinnacle co-founders

We are so grateful you are interested in supporting our mission to empower women in healthcare on their pursuit to achieve the pinnacle of their leadership, negotiation and life-balancing skills. This amazing conference came to be as a discussion-turned-passion- project between the four of us. So many lives have changed through this mission and we truly feel the sky is the limit. Thank you for your support - we are thrilled to see you at the next event!

Pinnacle Women's Group, Profession development for women in medicine.

"I learned many tools and started to gain the confidence I needed to make positive changes for myself. It has improved how I interact with colleagues, administrators, my family and myself. I plan to attend many more Pinnacle conferences."

Arlene Baldillo D.O.

"I was surprised that I was the only medical student present because the amazing leadership skills are something you need before you start residency and negotiation skills are something that are needed before you graduate residency and start your big girl job."

Danielle Mathisen

"n the 21 years that  have been in practice, Pinnacle 2019 was an epiphany for me.To attend a professional multi speciality meeting with women at all stages of their career was a true eye opener."

Hafiza Khan, MD, FACC, FHRS

"We talked about all things that go into to being a successful physician like finances, contract negotiations, using social media, and protecting your IP…all these things we are not taught during any part of our training."

Lauren Powell MD

"The speakers were dynamic & interesting and their stories compelling & heartfelt. I learned so many valuable lessons from these wonderful women. I was inspired by their resilience, creativity and courage."

Lisa Wong MD

"This is a group of driven, brilliant women who are committed to enhancing and improving the experience for others. Empowering and rather remarkable!"

Lynette Scherer MD FACS

Pinnacle is a community of supportive women with ambitious goals and the desire for work/life integration. I left Pinnacle with friends that felt like family, increased passion for my career, and with a notebook full of actionable tips on how to make my dreams a reality.

Michelle Rockwell MD